The script of the debate.

Вступление: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today we meet each other to hold our debate. That’s great that you have found time and you are here.

The motion of the debate is (тема). Today we will discuss the problems and will try to find ways to solve them.

Our debate will have two sides: a proposition side, and an opposition side. The job of the proposition side is to advocate the motion, while the job of the opposition side is to speak against the motion.

Начало дебатов: Now we can start the debate. Good luck to the teams, let the strongest win.


At first, the teams introduce themselves. Introduction lasts 1 minute.

Round I: speaker 1 of the proposing team makes a speech FOR the motion and then speaker 1 of the opposing team makes a speech AGAINST the motion. Each speaker should explain the position of his team within 3 minutes.

(2 minutes break).Now you have break before the round II in order to think of new arguments.

Round II: speaker 2 of the proposing team gives a back up speech FOR the motion and then speaker 2 of the opposing team gives a back up speech AGAINST the motion. Each speaker has 2 minutes.

Round III: The audience asks questions. This round lasts 4 minutes.

(2 minutes break).Now both teams have break before the round IV in order to think summary.

Round IV: Speaker 3 of each team sums up the case FOR or AGAINST the motion and the audience votes to accept or reject the motion. This round lasts 3 minutes.

Заключение:Our debate come to an end. The audience is FOR/AGAINST the motion. The proposing/opposing team is the winners. Thanks teams for participation and congratulations to the winners.

Во время дебатов во 2 перерыве:

-But now both teams prepare their final arguments. Do you think our teams are doing a good job today?

-Yes, it was very cool. I like it very much. You know, this is the first time I hold the debate and I’m a little bit worried.

-Don’t be nervous, everything is fine. It is wonderful that there is such a good opportunity to participate in our debates. They help to develop communication skills and prove their ability to do it.

-As Toyshibekov (ТайчибЕков) said - In the discussion there are neither losers nor winners.

-Did you know that the debate originated from ancient Greece, where they were an integral part of democracy. In the Athens citizens debated over the pros and cons of various laws proposed. So at a dispute there should be given an opportunity to thoroughly analyze the problem.

- Also in ancient Rome, there was the so-called school of rhetoricians, who taught oratory. School of rhetoricians was very prestigious, and teachers were among the most highly paid.

-I see, they were paid when they taught debate? I think I found my future profession.

-Moreover, In the Middle Ages debates, courses of oratory and debate were widely spread in Europe. Later this tradition was developed in the educational system in Russia. In the Moscow University debates were held in 12 languages.

-As a matter of fact, the debate can be viewed as educational technology, aimed at the development of critical thinking, tolerance and culture of dialogue and hone communication skills.