Examination Speaking Points

Active Vocabulary

British Character

Continuity modernity irrelevant to sth. to lag behind the time English breakfast breach of privacy stereotype multiculturalism flag day jumble sales voluntary \ volunteer ancestor

Monarchy in GB

The Civil List The Commonwealth The Windsor Castle The Way Ahead Committee The primogeniture law The royal assent anti-monarchists / anti-royalists figurehead


Themeis the subject or topic of a literary work, usually expressed in a single word or short phrase. Stories and poems can be about

Note: Many works can have many themes and many ideas and both are open to interpretation.

How to find ideas


In the stories included in this unit, be alert to the implications of each work. Try to find answers to the following questions:

Revision will be a substantial component of students’ curriculum and independent work this term. Mind the fact that the examination speaking points, the examination stories and the examination active vocabulary involve those studied throughout terms 5, 6 and 7.

Work out an individual scheme of effective time management, so as to have enough time for the revision of the material studied in terms 5 and 6.

Examination Speaking Points

1. English as a world language.

2. English or Esperanto as a world language.

3. Variants of English.

4. Success through a foreign language.

5. Musical traditions in Great Britain. Music festivals.

6. Musical traditions in Great Britain. Folk music.

7. The importance and characteristics of the British press.

8. Radio and TV in Great Britain.

9. The Open University.

10. Personality studies.

11. Parental behaviour in moulding a child’s personality.

12. Modern family values.

13. Air pollution (global warming).

14. Energy crisis.

15. The major environmental problems confronting Britain today.

16. The Green Movement.

17. Environmental problems in Belarus (Chernobyl).

18. The British versus the Americans.

19. British stereotypes.

20. Customs and traditions in GB.

21. Monarchy or republic in GB?

Examination stories

1. R. Bradbury. All Summer in a Day

2. J. Archer. Just Good Friends

3. P. Lively. Next Term, We’ll Mash You

4. Hardy. The Returned Soldier

5. Saki. The Open Window

6. A. Maley. Gossip

7. B. Brown. The Star Ducks

8. M. Spark. You Should Have Seen the Mess

9. M. Binchey. The Garden Party

10. T. Pears. Blue

11. J. Collier. The Chaser

12. J. Archer. Cheap at Half the Price

13. R. Goldberg. Art for Heart’s Sake

14. Saki. The Lumber-Room

15. Ph. Dick. Human Is

16. J. Mark. Teeth

17. E. Hemingway. Cat in the Rain

18. J. Winterson. O’Brien’s First Christmas

19. M. Whitaker. Hannah

20. A. Cassidy. Shopping for One

21. D. Leavitt. Gravity